Jayne’s Homes Residence

Our beautiful residential home tucked away in rural Kent encapsulates comfort, support, enrichment and development for all children in our care

Peaceful Location

Set in the beautiful countryside of Kent

Located in a small residential village just outside of Sandwich, our large and comfortable home provides a sanctuary of security and support, surrounded by space and nature.

Adventurous Outdoor

Outdoor spaces with exciting facilities

Our secure outdoor play area facilitates safe and fun play – including swings, beautiful gardens, trampolines and sporting equipment.

Sensory Room

Specialising in autism and ADHD, we provide best-in-class sensory environments

With over 25 years’ experience in holistic care for autism and ADHD, our sensory rooms provide engaging, enriching and safe environments for sensory exploration.

Cinema Room

Calming and engaging spaces to enjoy comfortable entertainment

Our cinema spaces host an immersive and cosy environment to enjoy any media that children in our care will enjoy.

Music Room

Embracing the creativity in every child

Our music rooms provide a wide variety of musical instrument options for children to explore and engage with on a daily basis.

Convenient Facilities

Beautiful, clean spaces to prepare every nourishing meal

Our homes have carefully considered, tailor made facilities to cater to every need, and ensure consistent and quality nourishment.

Learning Spaces

Comfortable and inspiring areas to encourage enriching learning

Our homes include rooms specifically designed for calm and holistic learning, encapsulating the joy and curiosity of meaningful education.

Communal Spaces

Comfortable spaces to spend quality time together

With relationship building at the heart of what we provide, spaces that encourage positive and comfortable daily connections.

Cosy Environments

We have a focus on comfort, security and wellbeing at the heart of our home

Every space in our home is designed with contentment in mind, so each child feels safe, happy and at home.

Comfortable Rooms

Ensuring every child feels at home

Every one of our accommodation rooms is carefully designed to guarantee every child feels that it is a space they can call their own.  

Excellent Facilities

The space, storage and environment every child needs to feel safe and secure

With expertly designed room layout and features, every room has the storage space, bedding layout and environment to make every child feel safe and secure.


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